The Three Phases for Rapid HCG Weight Loss

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The HCG diet is quite possibly the most popular and effective treatment for obesity in the world today. You can use any number of methods to administer the hormone, but across the board people are succeeding with this method more than any other known.  It’s easy to see why this is the case when you take a look at the clinical trials on its effectiveness.  The HCG diet will generate 20 to 30 pounds of fat loss within a single regimen, typically resulting in this weight loss over the course of only a month.  This has been demonstrated in dozens of studies which compared results using this hormone to just dieting alone.

The HCG diet is designed around boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite in users naturally, however, the protocol itself centers around three distinct phases.  Each phase of the diet has a specific motive, as it’s designed around maximal results as quickly as possible for the users.  Regardless if you’re on the modern approach, as described by real HCG drops providers or by your doctor, or the original protocol you follow the same method as described herein.  There are subtle variations in the foods allowed or exercises permitted depending on the diet.  However, both methods, oral drops or with injections, follow the same three phases of the diet.

The Three Phases for HCG Dieting

1. Loading Phase

Phase one is often colloquially referred to as the “loading phase” by dieters.  This is the period of time that lasts up to 3 days at the start of taking the HCG hormone each day.  A person begins to take HCG, and then eats foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates.  This allows their fat cells to enlarge, and more easily discharge stored lipids down the road.  It also helps boost their metabolism to a “high starting state” preventing large drops in fat burning later on.  Cementing caloric burning at a high level in this phase is very important.

Woman enjoying salad2. Low Calorie Diet Phase

Phase two is the longest phase of the HCG diet, lasting up to 57 days depending on the regimen undertaken.  During this period users take HCG each day but also cut their calories down to either 500 or 700 total per day.  This is possible due to the strong appetite suppressing effects of the hormone as well as it’s metabolic effects.  Typically if someone dropped calories by this much their metabolism would drop as well, but not so with his hormone.

Certain foods are permitted during this phase, but things like dairy products are prohibited (due to their hormone content).  In addition, users are to follow a strict guidelines on protein and vegetable intakes which accompany each meal (lunch and dinner).  Good suppliers or physicians will supply comprehensive information on how to complete this diet successfully.

2. Maintenance Phase

The final phase of the hCG diet can last indefinitely, for as long as the individual wants to maintain the weight they’ve lost.  This can go on for years, but this phase of the diet is around switching to completely healthy and natural foods and maintaining a 1500 calorie per day diet.  This is also a required phase before someone can begin a new HCG protocol if they choose to do another regimen.  You need a break between HCG regimens otherwise your body gets used to it and your weight loss suffers.


The HCG diet is a powerful and effective treatment for obesity, which is why it’s grown to the popularity it enjoys today.  More people lose weight on this diet than with any other method, and it’s natural and highly effective.  It’s a great option for those seeking long term weight loss.

Have You Heard of Green Coffee Extract? Your Doctor Probably Has

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Green Coffee may not be something you’ve ever heard of before.  Isn’t coffee just black beans which are dried and used to make your morning beverage?  Though this is certainly true, green coffee is the natural form of coffee prior to when it’s roasted.  This is the natural state of coffee, and is a particularly good supplement to help people lose weight as it turns out.  New research into its use for helping people diet and stay healthy has found that many of the best things in coffee are actually lost during the roasting process itself.  Green coffee can be made into extracts which are taken in pill form each day, and help people lose weight naturally.  The results are truly impressive when this is used.

There’s been several recent studies taking a look at just how this works, and to what extent it can offer weight loss.  It was found to be highly effective as a weight loss aid, due to several compounds naturally found in green coffee.  These compounds boost metabolism and decrease appetite, but are destroyed typically when it’s roasted for brewing.  These antioxidants and ingredients remain in green coffee extract in their natural state, and can actually supply these benefits to users as a result.

Green Coffee Advantages – How it Works

Sure, the most common beverage that people consume on a day to day basis nationwide may be coffee.  Yet, most of the great benefits of coffee are lost through the roasting process.   If you want to lose weight and feel better you need to find a way to get in shape.  The US is facing an obesity crisis that continues to get worse as time passes.  Many of the benefits such as curbing your appetite and increased energy are certainly felt with roasted coffee.  However, the level of results you receive is nothing like what is possible with green coffee in its natural state.

Benefits of Green Coffee ExtractsDoctor Oz on his TV show discussed the use of green coffee and the studies which have been examining its use for weight loss.  He was quoted as saying the “results were astounding” after reading through the results.  On average people lost 17 pounds over a month of use with green coffee extract, equivalent to 10.5% of their body weight.

Another major physician who has discussed the use of green coffee in weight loss recently is Dr. Lindsey Duncan.  Quoting a recent National Institute of Health Study, she concured with the assessment of those out there like Doctor Oz: green coffee is a miracle supplement.  It carries almost no side effects because it’s a natural supplement, but can enable people to lose far more weight than would be possible even with diet and exercise.  It’s truly unique in this regard.

What Makes for A Good Green Coffee Product?

If you’ve decided to take on this supplement and use it yourself, you’ll probably encounter hundreds of different brands.  In the research that’s been conducted on losing weight with green coffee, they administered at least 500mg twice per day.  This was pure green coffee extract with no additives.  This seems to be the bare minimum to receive the great results (16% loss in body fat) that was seen in the studies.  Ensuring that your product doesn’t toss in any sort of “extras” as well along with the extract is also a good thing.  Make sure it’s made in the USA and made to FDA GMP standards and you should be fine.  It should be noted that green coffee extract is not really all that expensive, so a good price should be under $30 per bottle.



Weight Loss Tactics That Work – Without Crash Diets

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If you’ve made the decision to lose weight and go on a diet, you’re probably filled with motivation and hope about your results.  However, what are the odds that you succeed or fail on this?  There’s a reason that there’s a diet industry on the order of $36 billion annually in the USA.  It’s because the average person who goes on a diet, will have to go on it again and again and again.  Long term weight loss results are rare and they require fundamental changes and life long commitments.  This just isn’t easy to achieve solely through self-motivation.

Research has shown that those people who have both realistic expectations and also maintain a weight loss regimen that can actually for for their daily lives is important for success.  If they cannot easily maintain their diet and the technique, they’re far less likely to succeed.  Whether you choose a diet like atkins or South Beach, you’re going to be busy weighing out foods and calories, or carb intake every day.  This can be maintained if you design a regular diet, but often after long periods you get “cravings” for the things you’re missing and break the diet.  It’s important to find diets that permit the foods you want to eat, but also the ones that are good for you should make up the bulk of what you eat.  This is the only way to organize a diet that you can actually maintain in the future.

Healthy Chicken SoupThere’s lots of diet choices out there, but there’s no one method that will work for everyone.  For example, a popular diet today is called the “entree diet” where a person buys low fat low sodium frozen meals to eat.  This can be quite expensive, and not tremendously practical for many people.  Beyond that, many people actually experience significant boosts to their ability to lose weight if they cooked the meal themselves.  Frozen meals are often full of carbs and heavily processed, which isn’t good for people.  Another option is something called the “Scan Diet” which has been tested in clinical trials.  You eat foods that have soy beans as a focal point with each meal, and anything that’s heavy in proteins is allowed.  Protein bars or protein shakes that are ready to go after mixing are often used as meal replacements on this diet as well.  It has been shown to work for many people, but not under all circumstances.

In the USA, an estimated 130 million Americans are overweight.  This is the most it’s been in the history of the US, and is a dire condition and a drain on economic output.  People who are unhealthy and struggling with their body weight often require significant medical care, particularly later in life.  Healthier people can avoid most of these problems, and will significantly cut down on healthcare costs in that country as a result.  This is imperative for the success of economies going forward, and many countries that have healthier citizens report greater productivity and more economic growth.  This is just one reason that tackling obesity is so important.

Crash diets do not work, according to doctors.  There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious one is that this is a temporary change in a person’s diet that doesn’t last for long.  Once a person reaches their goal weight, they will often switch back to their bad habits slowly over time.  On average, weight loss that people achieve is not only lost within 6 months, but the person will typically gain even more weight than where they started to begin with.  A simplest diet will be one where you change up your foods for more natural ingredients, but don’t limit how many calories, or how much fat you’re eating per day.  Cutting our processed and store bought meals is one way to really cut out a lot of the bad things that cause obesity.  The most important thing, however, is to figure out a method the works for your, but also is something you can sustain in the long run.

Raspberry Ketones for Use in Obesity Control and Dieting

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If you want to lose weight it’s a requirement to burn more calories than you take in each day.  However, metabolism isn’t a straight line.  If people diet and try to lose weight they often experience metabolic issues as a result.  If you just cut calories it’ll make your metabolism slow down as a result.  Using a product to help you keep your metabolism up and be a huge help.  There are proven treatments like HCG which work great in this capacity, but there is also a new treatment known as Raspberry Ketones which has proven to be highly effective.  The ketone enyzme is only found in raspberries naturally, but has been shown in many studies to produce increases in metabolism in users.  If a person commits to more physical activity as well, this helps increase metabolism and burn off more calories.  As part of taking raspberry ketones each day, a person’s energy and metabolism will increase naturally.  The weight you lose with raspberry ketones is huge in normal cases.  Yet, an important part of any successful weight loss is to set specific goals and make sure they’re reasonably achievable.

How You Can Reliably Lose Weight

Once you lose weight, it’s important to maintain that weight loss over the longer term.  This is never an easy task, and can actually be quite difficult to do if your weight loss originated from a “crash” diet.  Raspberry ketones have been shown to help people achieve a reduced weight gain rate after they finish up a weight loss program.  These supplements help  combat many of the major setbacks that often plague people after losing weight.  Since raspberry ketones boost metabolism and decrease appetite naturally, people who use them will often burn far more calories than they would otherwise, and be able to eat less.  If a person breaks their diet and overeats, this extract can help them avoid much weight gain as a result.

Concerns With Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss?

If you were to ask one question about any weight loss method what would it be?  Would it be: is it safe to use? is it effective? Will it work for me?  These are indeed important questions to ask before beginning Raspberry Ketones as part of your weight loss regimen. There have been dozens of studies on the effects of using this extract to lose weight and the results have all been exceptional.  On average people in studies lost 20 pounds within the first month, without needing to modify anything about their diet.  That doesn’t mean it’s not recommended to change what you eat each day as well, as your results will be better and healthier that way.  These ketones are also 100% organic and natural, as they come from natural plants.  You don’t have to typically worry about any side effects, as none have been observed in the studies at all.

Keeping Weight Off Long-term

Natural Raspberry KetonesIf you are cooking foods at home, in order to achieve weight loss in the long term you should keep in mind that making your foods tasty will help a lot.  There are a lot of recipes out there that are not only good for you, but taste good as well.  This is one of the best ways to help you lose weight and keep it off.  If you are only getting foods you can easily eat, such as processed or pre-cooked foods.  If you make things at home you can more easily control what you put into them.  This is important to avoid a lot of the high carb and high fat foods that you typically find at your grocery.  You need a certain level of protein and good fats in your diet, as well as large nutrient sources for proteins and vitamins/minerals in your diet.

How Do Raspberry Ketones Help With This

Raspberry ketones may not be the only source of weight loss for people, but it offers some unique benefits to people.  When people begin to diet, cut calories, or change their food intake their metabolism drops and their appetite increases.  Exercise is one way of combating this, but it also increases your appetite as well.  These ketone extracts have been proven in studies to not only boost metabolism but decrease appetite as well.  This is done completely naturally.  If you add exercise or dieting on top of daily raspberry ketone extract you can achieve a lot more than either on their own.

Garcinia Cambogia with Chromium for Maximum Weight Loss

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A natural way to manage diabetes is through a new product introduced recently, garcinia cambogia. This natural ingredient allows people to quickly lose weight, but with combined with chromium, users typically lose a lot more than their counterparts do. Controlling blood sugar is an important part of diabetes treatments, but one that is often overlooked is the importance of weight control. Taking a natural supplement of garcinia like some of the products our associated companies offer can be a huge boost to any weight loss protocol. Chromium, which is in a product like Garcinia Cambogia Advanced, can offer tremendous support for those with diabetes. Chromium is a natural insulin stabilizer. Taking this type of product not only helps the person lose a ton of weight, which is great for their health, but also keeps their blood sugar under control as well.

How Weight Impacts Diabetes Treatments

Natural and Unripe GarciniaTraditional medicines for Type-2 diabetes come with a lot of possible side effects.  Those range from minor annoyances to full blown debilitating symptoms.  A few years back a French diabetes medicine was linked to over two thousand early deaths, mostly through heart attacks and strokes.  Taking a proven weight loss treatment like Garcinia Cambogia Advanced and help people remove many of these symptoms and problems, and limit their reliance upon prescription medicines. If a person who is overweight and taking diabetes medicines daily loses a lot of weight, their chances for adverse effects drop considerably. A combination of dieting, weight loss in general and other goals using something like garcinia can be a huge step forward in preventing the onset of disease.  Products like Garcinia Cambogia Advanced not only contain the natural garcinia fruit, which has been used for centuries to prevent weight gain and enable weight loss, but other amazing ingredients as well like Raspberry Ketones. Garcinia used in these products is taken from the rind of the fruit, which shows huge benefits for bodily functions. It’s been known to reduce appetite significantly, but also enable people to naturally lose weight with little change their diet. Chromium also really boosts metabolism and energy naturally, which helps people keep the weight off as well during its use.

When it comes to diabetic prevention and management, there are many other factors to consider for Chromium as well.  Sadly, for the majority of people, they don’t receive nearly enough chromium in their diets.  It comes primarily from broccoli and seafoods in most people’s diets, however, these are not staples of most people’s daily food choices. Processed foods and their many refined components are also damaging to people’s metabolism. If a person is able to reduce their intake of refined sugars, and take in a supplement like Garcinia Cambogia Advanced, they will often be able to curb many of their chronic symptoms related to diabetes. Chromium also turns fat and carbohydrates into energy directly, and helps boost the hypothalamus and its ability to produce weight loss.

When you combine the awesome effects of garcinia cambogia, at 60% HCA levels, with chromium you will see some fantastic results quickly.  Garcinia Cambogia Advanced is designed to help people lose weight, and with that comes a host of benefits.  Beyond blood sugar stabalization, people often see more stable insulin production, as the Chromium helps deal with metabolism.  People will likely still need to stick to their medicines they’re on, but they probably won’t need them nearly as much as before.  This helps improve overall bodily health considerably.

Dental Care – The Impact on Heart Health

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Overall health is one facet that can often impact weight gain and obesity related illnesses on its own. If a person is generally unhealthy or battling diseases, they will almost always struggle to keep weight off and maintain their physical health. This is caused by a lack of will to exercise, given the poor energy that often occurs with illness and also damages their fundamental abilities to lose the weight using any clinical treatments. Maintenance of overall health and preventing illnesses from cropping up can be just as important as trying to keep your weight off. A high performing immune system, and healthy diet, along with proper care of your body can go a long way to maintaining a proper weight in the long-term.

Proper Dental CareHeart health is an area that we should all pay attention to, but alone it’s not typically thought of as responsible for weight gain. However, when a person gains weight, they often generate heart disease over time which can be fatal and a permanent burden on the individual with medical costs and other problems. Recently it was discovered that dental health, proper brushing and dentist maintenance of a person’s teeth, can prevent heart failure by a significant margin. This occurs primarily through the bacteria that live in the person’s mouth, as they can get into the bloodstream slowly over time which increases risk of sickness and lowers immune response. The exact mechanism for how this damages the person’s heart still remains a mystery, but the evidence is quite strong that good dental care can prevent serious complications related to cardiovascular health.

What Does Good Dental Care Demand?

Proper dental care isn’t just brushing and flossing, but requires regular cleaning and maintenance visits to a local dentist as well. Plaque can still build up over time even if the person is committed to proper care of their teeth. Flossing and tongue scrubbing, in particular, have been most identified to proper oral hygiene as it relates to heart health. Doing these things can reduce the risk of developing heart disease by around 40%, according to the most recent study information. Also it was found that those who have good oral health also typically have excellent physical health, including a lower risk of obesity. This is likely both a result of them choosing to eat less sugar, and could be related to other immune responses providing better energy for the person to exercise and maintain a healthy diet/exercise balance.

A few key ways to maintain dental health:

  1. Brushing at least twice a day for at least 60 seconds, and flossing at least once a day. Using mouthwash can be good, but it often kills both the good and bad bacteria in your mouth. It’s advisable to avoid doing so if you keep up with your brushing and flossing regimens
  2. Regular Dental Visits – Get your teeth cleaned regularly by a professional hygienist. This will identify any problems early on and keep them from turning into something worse that could affect the long term health of your body (such as gum diseases).
  3. Get braces for any crowding fairly early on. If your teeth are too close together without proper gaps between them, it can be extremely difficult to maintain proper oral health. Not only will cavities be more likely, but bacteria will have tight spaces to thrive without being reached by flossing or regular brushing.

The HCG Diet Protocol : A Simple Hormone Weight Loss Method

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One of the most popular weight loss treatments today is without a doubt the HCG protocol. This method uses a natural hormone, commonly referred to as “HCG” in order to boost metabolism and decrease appetite. It has been heavily influenced in the physician and medical community by research done originally in the 1960s by Dr. A.T.W Simeons. It was found that HCG boosts metabolism by directly interacting with the user’s brain, increasing the hormone in the hypothalamus. The effects are tremendous compared to traditional diet or exercise, offering 25 to 35 pounds of fat loss per month. This is one of the major reasons it’s now being prescribed so often to those looking to lose weight quickly. It offers a very unique weight loss method, with little risk to the individual user.

The HCG Molecule

The HCG Molecule Structure

HCG can be taken orally through the consumption of small droplets placed under the tongue, or through injections. Injections is by far the most common method, though it’s not the only option for those that are squeamish. When using oral HCG drops for weight loss, such as from, users will typically shed a lot more weight than with any other diet method they could be on. Studies recently have spent quite a bit of effort confirming this, finding that HCG will generate around 10 times the weight loss of dieting alone. This makes for some fantastic weight loss benefits, but because the hormone is all natural, it’s almost harmless as far as side effects.

The HCG Diet Protocol – Its 3 Phases

When it comes to the HCG diet, just taking the hormone alone is not sufficient. It battles against your appetite and metabolism, allowing any user to take in fewer calories, even levels that would be impossible to sustain without its help. As such, Dr. Simeons recommended a series of general guidelines, which are outlined in the success information listed here

  • Phase One – Users are to enter into a high calorie, low carbohydrate diet for a period lasting 2 to 3 days. This starts the diet. During this period a person also takes HCG, which helps break up the fat cells and increase the porosity of stored fat allowing things to be quickly burnt during the next phase.
  • Phase Two – Users take in a set level of calories per day. This is typically either 500 or 700 calories for the best results. The diet of the individual is carefully controlled and kept to within a certain set protocol. This usually includes at least 100 grams of protein along with each meal, a well as a set intake of vegetables and fruits that are permitted on the program. Typically this phase lasts between 24 to 57 days before completion. Phase 2 is often thought of as the “HCG diet” in itself, as it makes up the bulk of the program is is the most restrictive. HCG works to boost metabolism and decrease appetite, which allows for such a heavily reduced caloric intake to be possible without any issue for the user. Most will not experience much hunger at all during phase two.
  • Phase Three – This is often called the “maintenance period”. It occurs after phase two ends, and a person goes back to a more normal diet without taking HCG at all. A person is allowed to eat 1500 calories per day of a low carb diet, while their body recovers from HCG. The minimum time period of time for this phase is 21 days, between HCG regimens. If a person does not need to start another regimen, this diet remains indefinitely (or as long as the person wishes to maintain their weight loss).

Garcinia Cambogia – One Weight Loss Choice Offering Great Results

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There’s certainly no great difference between what we hope to happen, and what’s possible in most things we do. However, when it comes to weight loss it’s never as easy as making a decision and pursuing it. Once a person gains weight their body will actually drastically alter their metabolism, sometimes on a permanent basis (or semi-permanent) and this can prevent someone from losing weight whatsoever. Even if a person diets and exercises, and maintains a healthy lifestyle, they may still struggle to lose any weight at all on the long term. This can lead to rapid discouragement and abandonment of any program which is committed to, and is something that doctors have been looking to solve for many decades now.

There’s been a lot of promising prescription treatments, but none of them have met expectations when actually applied to real patients. It was found that many products in the 1990s (like Fenfen) actually caused huge side effects and even death in some users. These artificial weight loss aids not only caused damage to the individual using them, but rarely produced the results that were promised. Typical weight loss was only on the order of a few pounds after 30 days or so on these methods.

Garcinia Cambogia – A Natural Solution

Garcinia Cambogia RawA lot of inquiry in the scientific community of late has discovered several natural weight loss extracts which not only work better than these prescriptions, but are far safer. One of the most popular today, and for good reason, is Garcinia Cambogia. This plant is a natural type of fruit from the Cambogia family which is found in Subsaharan Africa. Its uses are varied, but the are often considered to be the best possible with any natural, non-hormonal supplement. There has been a lot of recent studies using this fruit in weight loss. Without changing diet or exercising more, the most recent study clearly shows that those taking Garcinia Cambogia extract lost 30 pounds over the course of a month using the extract, while a placebo group on average lost only 1-2 pounds.

The benefits of using a natural method are staggering, and Garcinia is not exactly expensive (typical extract supplements are only $30 or so a month). No prescription is required, and side effects appear to be non-existent as the fruit is completely natural. However, the major benefits is the ease of the weight loss. The mechanism through which this fruit extract appears to work is via the body’s own metabolic centers. It boost metabolism and decreases the user’s appetite significantly, allowing for more calorie burning even with the same diet and food being eaten by the user. Garcinia Cambogia, is therefore, one of the most powerful, natural and safe weight loss methods known to exist. It will typically even outperform the progress someone could make if they were dieting and exercising religiously.

These natural methods are gaining a lot of scientific and clinical support, as new natural fruits or extracts are discovered which can be harnessed to help with weight loss. Things like green coffee beans or green tea are now identified as strong weight loss producers in users, and they do so completely naturally. The risk for their use is minimal, they’re cheap, widely available and highly effective. This makes for some excellent weight loss help for users of these products.

The Mythical Weight Loss Solution That Works For Everyone

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For many people, the thought of losing weight and keeping it off is a dream that will never become reality. This sad state of affairs is not a result of lack of trying on the part of those struggling with obesity, rather it’s a direct outcome of the years spent battling their waistlines and losing. In far too many ways, this is not the fault of the individual. Instead, their own metabolism begins to fight against them as it continually slows down once calories are reduced or when exercise regimens are thrown in. What people need is something from the outside that can help them achieve results, and battle against their own bodies. What they need is a pharmaceutical answer.

There’s been many claims for results from a wide variety of pharmacological methods, but few of them actually have been shown to work in clinical trials. Facing down the rigors of real scientific inquiry, few wind up stacking up when tested in that sort of setting. Of those that are prescription based, what we find is that the vast majority carry major side effects, and slow results. Phentermine, one of the most popular and recommended by physicians, actually can cause heart failure and arrhythmia in users with limited use. These risks are hardly worth the 3-4 pounds a month that it helps people lose on average.

The Goal of An Ultimate and Universal Solution

Fastest Weight Loss MethodsOne of the ultimate goals for research in these areas is the discovery of a biological solution that is safe, and effective at burning fat. Fat absorbent pills (meant to absorb fats we eat) have had limited success, but nature itself has been there to provide quite a number of proven and safe options. One of the most popular is the HCG program, which uses a natural hormone found in the body of women to help them (or men for that matter) lose weight by increasing their metabolism. This hormone was found in numerous studies to boost hypothalamus production within the brain of users, allowing them to shed pounds quickly and easily.

This is certainly not the only option, however. Many recent studies have centered around trying out organic extracts, such as green coffee extract (made from unroasted coffee beans) or African Mango plants. These have shown in numerous studies to impact appetite as well as fat burning. Green coffee in particular, just last year, was found to greatly increase metabolism in users, allowing them to shed around 20 pounds in 40 days. This was without any changes to their diet whatsoever, which is remarkable given how poorly the prescription treatments work.

These natural solutions carry with them almost no side effects. This is one of the major reasons physicians are taking notice and recommending them as a first and immediate step for users to take in order to lose weight quickly and safely. These organic methods offer rapid results, they typically range from 15-40 pounds per month in weight loss depending on the method, and carry with them very little risk. Most do not require any changes in diet or for the person to exercise more, so they make for perfect methods for those that cannot exercise due to physical limitations. Though these are not the “ultimate” solution, they represent a huge advancement in science and research.

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