The Mythical Weight Loss Solution That Works For Everyone

Posted by admin on May 17, 2013 in Health and Fitness | Short Link

For many people, the thought of losing weight and keeping it off is a dream that will never become reality. This sad state of affairs is not a result of lack of trying on the part of those struggling with obesity, rather it’s a direct outcome of the years spent battling their waistlines and losing. In far too many ways, this is not the fault of the individual. Instead, their own metabolism begins to fight against them as it continually slows down once calories are reduced or when exercise regimens are thrown in. What people need is something from the outside that can help them achieve results, and battle against their own bodies. What they need is a pharmaceutical answer.

There’s been many claims for results from a wide variety of pharmacological methods, but few of them actually have been shown to work in clinical trials. Facing down the rigors of real scientific inquiry, few wind up stacking up when tested in that sort of setting. Of those that are prescription based, what we find is that the vast majority carry major side effects, and slow results. Phentermine, one of the most popular and recommended by physicians, actually can cause heart failure and arrhythmia in users with limited use. These risks are hardly worth the 3-4 pounds a month that it helps people lose on average.

The Goal of An Ultimate and Universal Solution

Fastest Weight Loss MethodsOne of the ultimate goals for research in these areas is the discovery of a biological solution that is safe, and effective at burning fat. Fat absorbent pills (meant to absorb fats we eat) have had limited success, but nature itself has been there to provide quite a number of proven and safe options. One of the most popular is the HCG program, which uses a natural hormone found in the body of women to help them (or men for that matter) lose weight by increasing their metabolism. This hormone was found in numerous studies to boost hypothalamus production within the brain of users, allowing them to shed pounds quickly and easily.

This is certainly not the only option, however. Many recent studies have centered around trying out organic extracts, such as green coffee extract (made from unroasted coffee beans) or African Mango plants. These have shown in numerous studies to impact appetite as well as fat burning. Green coffee in particular, just last year, was found to greatly increase metabolism in users, allowing them to shed around 20 pounds in 40 days. This was without any changes to their diet whatsoever, which is remarkable given how poorly the prescription treatments work.

These natural solutions carry with them almost no side effects. This is one of the major reasons physicians are taking notice and recommending them as a first and immediate step for users to take in order to lose weight quickly and safely. These organic methods offer rapid results, they typically range from 15-40 pounds per month in weight loss depending on the method, and carry with them very little risk. Most do not require any changes in diet or for the person to exercise more, so they make for perfect methods for those that cannot exercise due to physical limitations. Though these are not the “ultimate” solution, they represent a huge advancement in science and research.

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