The HCG Diet Protocol : A Simple Hormone Weight Loss Method

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One of the most popular weight loss treatments today is without a doubt the HCG protocol. This method uses a natural hormone, commonly referred to as “HCG” in order to boost metabolism and decrease appetite. It has been heavily influenced in the physician and medical community by research done originally in the 1960s by Dr. A.T.W Simeons. It was found that HCG boosts metabolism by directly interacting with the user’s brain, increasing the hormone in the hypothalamus. The effects are tremendous compared to traditional diet or exercise, offering 25 to 35 pounds of fat loss per month. This is one of the major reasons it’s now being prescribed so often to those looking to lose weight quickly. It offers a very unique weight loss method, with little risk to the individual user.

The HCG Molecule

The HCG Molecule Structure

HCG can be taken orally through the consumption of small droplets placed under the tongue, or through injections. Injections is by far the most common method, though it’s not the only option for those that are squeamish. When using oral HCG drops for weight loss, such as from, users will typically shed a lot more weight than with any other diet method they could be on. Studies recently have spent quite a bit of effort confirming this, finding that HCG will generate around 10 times the weight loss of dieting alone. This makes for some fantastic weight loss benefits, but because the hormone is all natural, it’s almost harmless as far as side effects.

The HCG Diet Protocol – Its 3 Phases

When it comes to the HCG diet, just taking the hormone alone is not sufficient. It battles against your appetite and metabolism, allowing any user to take in fewer calories, even levels that would be impossible to sustain without its help. As such, Dr. Simeons recommended a series of general guidelines, which are outlined in the success information listed here

  • Phase One – Users are to enter into a high calorie, low carbohydrate diet for a period lasting 2 to 3 days. This starts the diet. During this period a person also takes HCG, which helps break up the fat cells and increase the porosity of stored fat allowing things to be quickly burnt during the next phase.
  • Phase Two – Users take in a set level of calories per day. This is typically either 500 or 700 calories for the best results. The diet of the individual is carefully controlled and kept to within a certain set protocol. This usually includes at least 100 grams of protein along with each meal, a well as a set intake of vegetables and fruits that are permitted on the program. Typically this phase lasts between 24 to 57 days before completion. Phase 2 is often thought of as the “HCG diet” in itself, as it makes up the bulk of the program is is the most restrictive. HCG works to boost metabolism and decrease appetite, which allows for such a heavily reduced caloric intake to be possible without any issue for the user. Most will not experience much hunger at all during phase two.
  • Phase Three – This is often called the “maintenance period”. It occurs after phase two ends, and a person goes back to a more normal diet without taking HCG at all. A person is allowed to eat 1500 calories per day of a low carb diet, while their body recovers from HCG. The minimum time period of time for this phase is 21 days, between HCG regimens. If a person does not need to start another regimen, this diet remains indefinitely (or as long as the person wishes to maintain their weight loss).

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