Have You Heard of Green Coffee Extract? Your Doctor Probably Has

Posted by admin on June 22, 2014 in Health and Fitness | Short Link

Green Coffee may not be something you’ve ever heard of before.  Isn’t coffee just black beans which are dried and used to make your morning beverage?  Though this is certainly true, green coffee is the natural form of coffee prior to when it’s roasted.  This is the natural state of coffee, and is a particularly good supplement to help people lose weight as it turns out.  New research into its use for helping people diet and stay healthy has found that many of the best things in coffee are actually lost during the roasting process itself.  Green coffee can be made into extracts which are taken in pill form each day, and help people lose weight naturally.  The results are truly impressive when this is used.

There’s been several recent studies taking a look at just how this works, and to what extent it can offer weight loss.  It was found to be highly effective as a weight loss aid, due to several compounds naturally found in green coffee.  These compounds boost metabolism and decrease appetite, but are destroyed typically when it’s roasted for brewing.  These antioxidants and ingredients remain in green coffee extract in their natural state, and can actually supply these benefits to users as a result.

Green Coffee Advantages – How it Works

Sure, the most common beverage that people consume on a day to day basis nationwide may be coffee.  Yet, most of the great benefits of coffee are lost through the roasting process.   If you want to lose weight and feel better you need to find a way to get in shape.  The US is facing an obesity crisis that continues to get worse as time passes.  Many of the benefits such as curbing your appetite and increased energy are certainly felt with roasted coffee.  However, the level of results you receive is nothing like what is possible with green coffee in its natural state.

Benefits of Green Coffee ExtractsDoctor Oz on his TV show discussed the use of green coffee and the studies which have been examining its use for weight loss.  He was quoted as saying the “results were astounding” after reading through the results.  On average people lost 17 pounds over a month of use with green coffee extract, equivalent to 10.5% of their body weight.

Another major physician who has discussed the use of green coffee in weight loss recently is Dr. Lindsey Duncan.  Quoting a recent National Institute of Health Study, she concured with the assessment of those out there like Doctor Oz: green coffee is a miracle supplement.  It carries almost no side effects because it’s a natural supplement, but can enable people to lose far more weight than would be possible even with diet and exercise.  It’s truly unique in this regard.

What Makes for A Good Green Coffee Product?

If you’ve decided to take on this supplement and use it yourself, you’ll probably encounter hundreds of different brands.  In the research that’s been conducted on losing weight with green coffee, they administered at least 500mg twice per day.  This was pure green coffee extract with no additives.  This seems to be the bare minimum to receive the great results (16% loss in body fat) that was seen in the studies.  Ensuring that your product doesn’t toss in any sort of “extras” as well along with the extract is also a good thing.  Make sure it’s made in the USA and made to FDA GMP standards and you should be fine.  It should be noted that green coffee extract is not really all that expensive, so a good price should be under $30 per bottle.



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